Blogging FAQs -Simple answers no BS

Blogging FAQs simple answers

Blogging has become famous and a very lucrative option for people who want to make money online.

But if this is so easy why isn’t every blogger making money?

How much money can i earn through blogging?

Where do i start ?

How can i increase traffic on my blog?

etc etc etc.

In this post we will talk about these questions and their answers of course.

Why start a blog?

1- You can earn money using it.

2-You can share your views/opinions with the whole world.

3-It gives you an opportunity to connect with people and learn more.

How to make money using your blog?

1-Advertisement-Sign up with Google Adsense and get paid for ads on your blog.

2-Affiliate Marketing-Sign up with Amazon Affiliate Program ,select a product that you can sell on your blog.They will provide a special link.If anyone bought that product using your link you get commission.

Where should i start my blog? Blogger or WordPress?

WordPress !

How much money can i earn through blogging?

Zero $ to millions of dollars.Depends upon how much work you put in.Have patience and produce quality content.

How to generate blogpost ideas?

1-Google Keyword Tool- type in a keyword and it will provide related keywords that you can use to create posts .Also displays the search volume.

2-Quora-People ask questions because they want answers (stupidest sentence ever :p). Search a topic and you’ll definitely find some good ideas.

3-Buzzsumo-Find the posts most shared and popular on any niche.

4-Google-Search a keyword and scroll down .You will see related searches.Blog posts ideas right there.

How to increase traffic?

1-Use long tail keywords-This means using long keywords for example instead of laptop use headings and keywords such as sony laptop with 8GB RAM. The less the competition the easy it will be for you to get visitors.

2-Share on social media.

3-Have an advertising budget.

4-Learn SEO .

5-Create an email list using MailChimp-its free.Collect people’s email address and they get notified about your new post.

How long will it take?

Months Years so have patience. Overnight success doesn’t happen in blogging.

 Remember produce quality content have patience. 




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