Best Business ideas for students that will make money online and offline methods


I am also a college student and i know how much we desire money in this phase of life.


You might want to make some pocket money or maybe you  want to start a business that will help you pay your college fees or student loans.

Whatever the reason there are some business ideas that a student can use to earn some money.

But before you dive into to the main content. Keep in mind these 3 points:

  • Your priorities should be studies. I know you want to start a business but study hard it will definitely help you.


  • Hard work = Result. You will receive return on your investments. The more efforts, work, time, money you invest the money return you may receive but its not always true. That leads to my third point


  • Research- Have a full detailed plan ready if you really want to be successful. Find out more and more. Research is very very important.

Another quick tip that i would like to share is to read this book- Rich Dad Poor Dad. It is an amazing book that will help you in your life. Do read it.

Now shall we dive in?

The following methods are helpful to anyone but these are handpicked for students.

Business Ideas for students that will make money:


1-Start a blog

Blogging in my way can become a successful business. In blogging you will have to invest time. It will take only a few minutes in order to set up your blog . But content creation is harder . It make take few hours for you to create just one good blog post.


But before starting a blog find a niche- something to blog about.


As a student you can blog about the things you are learning.

It can be about technology, health, food, travel.

It can be based on a hobby- gaming, art, house redesigning, etc.


Once you have chosen your niche take a closer look at the other blogs in your niche. Learn from them and improve your blog.


What you’ll need:


1- Writing skills(don’t worry if you aren’t Shakespeare).

2- Knowledge on your niche (you can learn it).

3- A couple of hours everyday(for writing posts).

4- SEO tips- Quick Sprout , Shout me loud , 

5- A dew dollars to buy domain and hosting.



How will your blog make money :


Make money from blog

There are many ways to make money from a blog but the most common (and profitable) are the following:


1 – Ads


The blog owner gets payed for the advertisement displayed on the blog. It is one of the most famous ways to generate revenue. But it has one flaw:


You’ll need to have good traffic on your blog. You need to build a big following in order to make money through advertisement.


You can use Google Adsense – If you want to make money using your blog.



2-  Affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing in simple words means you promote someone else product on your blog using a special link product company will provide. It anyone make a purchase from your link in a limited amount of time you get commission.


There are many affiliate programs and platform. But as a beginner using Amazon’s affiliate program is advised.



3-  Sell Product


You’ll first have to come up with an idea. An idea of a product people want to buy. If you see an opportunity  build a product. It can even be an eBook or a course on a specific topic.

When making a product keep in mind that the product should help your audience in some ways.

If its won’t  then you should probably reconsider it.

Sounds interesting?

Read this post to avoid common mistakes and get helpful tips for blogging.


2-Sell a product (eBook/ physical product)


Like i already told you in the above point . Selling a product can help you many some extra money using your blog. Even if you don’t want to build a blog, you can still make money by selling stuff online and offline.

Build a product and reach out the people or websites that would be interested in selling your product.

When we talk about offline world or the real world it would be much better to focus on you locality first.

Look around and make lists. Find out the products that the local vendors might be interested buying from you like candles, soaps, gifts , greeting cards, etc.

You may find an opportunity. And keep the product’s quality high.

When it comes to product creation for online world it is not that easy. You can make an eBook on a subject that can write about. Upload it to Amazon kdp .

In kdp you earn royalties on each book you sell . You can set the price of your book and earn royalty on each sale.


  • One of the most important thing that you should remember is that your product should create value. It should help the reader in one way or another. Don’t just write for the sole purpose of making money from them. If you are writing just to make money from your readers you’re committing a big mistake from the vary beginning.


  • When writing for Amazon if you are making a eBook, don’t assume that a single book will make you rich. You will have to write a very high number of books.10/20/40/50+ or even more. You can write these books yourself or hire a writer on various websites.



  • Initial return from a book can be disappointing but don’t give up. The whole idea is to create more options for success that means more books to sell. The better your book’s content will be the more you will be able to sell and the more you will be able to make.


3-Freelancing Company


Freelancing is becoming really popular. It can help you get work done fast or complete other’s work and make money.

Person who wants to hire freelancers post on websites like Elance, freelancer, upwork etc. And freelancers from around the world bid on it. The person who bids low and can complete work in a deadline usually gets the job.

There are a variety of jobs from which you can to get work.

Some of them are about:

Writing – fiction to technical. You can find jobs to write about a lot of topics.

Web development– if you have the skills you can build websites for others. These job actually pays a lot.

App development– Quite similar to web development. You’ll need top level skills to make mobile applications for others. And it usually pays more than web development.

Get partners:

So what’s the twist. This little Freelancing “twist” can actually help you a lot.

In freelancing there are tight deadlines and other person expects quality.

You will achieve a lot more if you will not work alone. Find people in your college or neighbourhood whom you trust. With them start a freelancing team. When you all will work together it will have following advantages:

  • Work will be completed fast
  • Quality will not suffer
  • You will find ideas and solutions easily


The only disadvantage is you’ll have to share profit. Although using this method you will be able to make more in less time.


4- Tutor online/offline


You are a student right? And you’re learning about some field.

Why not share your knowledge with others and make money doing it. It will also increase your knowledge about the subject.


In order to become a tutor you’ll need 3 main things:


  • Knowledge about the subject that you want to teach
  • Communication skills to communicate effectively and teach better.
  • Patience in order to teach in a pace learners will understand.


There are numerous online websites that will let you tutor. But they will probably need you to have a good academic record. Or if you are a great communicator and have enough confidence start making educational videos for YouTube.


Although YouTube is  a long term investment but ROI is also great.


Offline tutions are actually a great way to help your community and also make money. All you need to do is find your students.

Look around your college, schools, etc.  And using your network find students who wants a tutor.


When it comes to becoming a tutor

Offline   >>   Online


5- Event management

Event management is a fantastic way to make money. There are hundreds of parties and events celebrated for hundreds of reasons.

From birthday parties to a retirement party, people now-a-days look for someone who is a professional. This takes pressure off them. So they get help from event managers .

In order to become a good event manager you will have to keep following points in mind:

  • Be creative.
  • You must decorate the venue of event beautifully.
  • Treat your clients nicely- they will get your more jobs.
  • You should be capable of managing everything in a given budget.
  • Don’t panic in stress.

6- Provide services


There are some services you can provide in your locality that will help you make money.

In the following list you will get an idea of different services you can provide:


  • Baby sitting.
  • Taking care of pets or a pet care/ salon.
  • Delivers of food.
  • Working as house movers.
  • Car wash.




To sum up the 6 ways to make money for students:

  • Start a blog
  • Sell a product
  • Freelancing company
  • Become a tutor
  • Event Management
  • Provide services

  In order to achieve success in any of the above methods you will have to keep in mind a few points:

  • Hard work is the key to success.
  • Failing to plan is planning to fail.
  • Quality is always a must.
  • Genuinely try to help others.
  • Don’t expect overnight success.



“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge , but rather a lack of will.”

           Vince Lombardi