21 tips and tricks that will make your android smart phone fast and better


How to make your android smartphone faster and better
Tips and tricks for a fast smartphone
*This post is actually a little different than my previous post but i think this might help someone out there.

Android phones are really popular. There are millions of android handsets in market.

But one problem these all smart phones faces is that the device eventually becomes slow . After using it for 1 year or even less the phone becomes slower and slower. Its performance is affected and battery life is drained easily.

In this post however we will look at 21 tips and tricks that will make your phone faster.

Some these tips are also applicable to iPhones or windows phone but the post is created with android in mind.

21 tips and tricks for a faster android smart phone :

  • Make sure you are up to date:

Always make sure your android is up to date. This means that whenever you see a new update for your phone ,update it.

These updates are launched to make your device more stable and enhance its performance.

The simplest way to check for update is :

Go to settings>>click on about phone>>check for updates.

If available download the updates. These updates can be small or big and can cause depletion of data. So its better to use WiFi while updating your phone.

  • Clean home screen

Your home screen is first thing you see when you turn on your device. It acts as a window for other apps. If you have too many widgets on home screen it will surely be slow in performance.

The solution is simple. Remove these widgets . Keep the home screen as clean as possible.

You may have noticed that many apps make shortcuts in your home screen. Although shortcuts for frequently used apps can increase your productivity  but it will also make your phone slow. So its better to avoid it.

  • Use static wallpaper

You should always use a static image as your wallpaper.


Using a dynamic wallpaper will not only make your phone slower but it will also drain the battery life fast. There are thousands of websites that provide quality wallpapers for free.

You can find quality wallpaper on any topic –just Google.

  • Uninstall or disable

An android smart phones comes with bloat ware. Bloat ware are the apps that you are not able to uninstall. These apps will eat the memory and RAM .If you hardly use these apps you should uninstall/disable them.

In order to disable them ,you have to open settings>>storage>>apps>>and then choose the apps you want to disable . You can later enable these apps if you want to use them.[this might vary with different smart phones]

In order to uninstall them, however, you need a rooted phone. If you root your phone you will gain full control over the phone and will be able to uninstall the bloat ware .

Rooting a phone might cause damage to it or brick it so be careful.
  • Turnoff animations

Turning off or reducing animations in your smart phone will make your smart phone actually quite fast. All you need to do is

1 go to settings

2 click about phone and click build number 7 times to get access to developer option.

3 click the back button . you will notice a new tab of developer option in settings.

4 click it and now find the animations tab .

5 click it and reduce or turn off animations.

That’s  it !

  • Clear cached app data

Your smart phone and apps save cache. However with time these cache memory might bulk up and make your smart phone slow. In order to make your phone faster you can remove cache in following 2 methods

First method is simple go to settings and then storage.

Click on the apps and select an app .

You will see a screen with disable , uninstall buttons

Scroll down and click on “clear chache”

This will free up some memory space.

Second method is also simple.

Go to PlayStore and download a cleaner app. You can use CC cleaner or choose from different cleaners on app store.

  • Turn off auto sync

Auto sync may look like a great option (and it is). But since it will be working in background it will slow down your device because it eat RAM on your device.


Turn off auto sync. Use sync when needed by turning it  on manually.

  • Perform a factory reset

A factory rest means your phone will be like it came from factory. Yes it will faster than now. Not as good as original though.

But remember when you do a factory reset you will lose all your data on phone. It is adviced you take backup.

You can use services like DropBox or you can simply take backup on your PC yourself.

  • Remove big data files

Always remove big data files from your smart phone. These may include pictures, video , movies, audio that you do not want  on your phone.

Delete the junk and free up space for your smart phone.

  • Uninstall old unused apps

Playstore have millions of apps . You download the ones you need . So don’t keep apps on your phone that you don’t even use. Open the menu and take a good look at all the apps there.

Do you really need all of them?

Uninstall all those apps that are old and you hardly use. This will free up space and your phone’s performance will improve.

And in case you need them again you can always download them .

  • Move data files to your computer

I know your smart phones might have hundreds of images, hundreds of songs and many videos.

These are the memories you don’t want to lose.

So its better to send this data on your computer and free space to create new memories. Only keep the data you need the most on your smart phone.

  • Overclocking your device

This tip again is for phones with root access. Several manufactures deliberately uses limits on the speed of your phone because it can produce heat and damage battery especially.

If you have root access you can overclock. Your device will work faster. But it can produce heat that might damage your phone.

You have been warned !
  • Update apps

Out of all the apps you have, some of them might be outdated. These apps should be updated.


Well because with new update the developer fixes  some bugs the app become more stable and doesn’t crash. Your device performance is improved .

Plus you get cool new features.

  • Restart your phone regularly

It is advised to regularly restart your smart phone. Simply holding your phone’s power button will show you the option of restart. It improves performance.

 Restart once every 3 days or at least once a week.
  • Task killing apps

There are numerous apps that you can use to kill the running tasks in background. These tasks eat up your RAM and thus your phone’s performance is compromised.

The best app for this purpose is Greenify. It is simple and will effectively kill the background apps.

But again you need root access for Greenify.

  • Third party launcher

I will only recommend third party launcher if your inbuilt android launcher is slow. If you have a decent smart phone a third party launcher won’t help much. It might even make your phone slower.

Use  a very light launcher for enhancing performance. Or try Nova launcher. Its fast ,tons of customisable options.

  • Install custom rom

This can also improve your smart phones performance. In order to install a custom rom that is like another android in your phone you will have to gain root access.

Xda forums is a great place to find answers to any related questions.

  • Check battery stats


Because in your battery stats you can see the apps eating most battery. This also means that these apps are running in background and wasting you smartphone’s  RAM. This way you will be able to identify the apps you should disable.

Just go to settings and click battery. When you will find battery usage you will see list of apps that are draining battery.

  • Disable location tracking services

Disable location tracking. Don’t just keep the location in your phone always on. If you give access to the services, they will run in background and eat RAM.

Thus your phone’s performance will improve by turning off these services.

  • Apps in internal storage and files on memory card

In you have a sd card slot and a sd card in it , it is better to keep apps in internal storage and media files on sd card. Since the media files will be on sd card there will more space in internal memory.

This will lead to fast working of phone. The apps will open  smoothly.

  • Cheap sd card

This one is arguable.

The mobile companies are slowly not providing sd card slots in smart phones.

They say it is because consumers usually uses a cheap sd card that actually affects the performance of the smart phone in a bad way. It makes phone slow and causes apps to crash.

But some argue that it is just a strategy of theirs to make us pay for the more space variants of their phones. As you know already there is quite a difference in cost of a 16 Gb and 32 Gb variant of same smart phone.

I would love to hear your opinion on this one !

Well these were the 21 tips and tricks that will make your phone fast. These methods will improve the overall performance of your smart phone making it more efficient.

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