7 Lessons from a failed blog

How to make your blog successful avoid mistakes learn these lessons
Lessons from a failed blog j

Failure is the pillar of success.

Yeah ?

But when you fail these words means nothing. At that time one only thinks about why it happened to him. He or she makes excuses , find things to blame and gives up.

I did something like that too.

My first blog was a failure. I was naive and yeah a fool. But from that experience i was able to learn some valuable lessons. These lessons will defiantly help you in avoiding the mistakes and implementing good strategy.

Lesson 1-

Blogging is not an easy task .

Yes it tough. Unless blogging is your hobby like me then no problem no tension.

But if you want to make your blog a success and ultimately make some money from it, you will have to work hard.

What “work” i am talking about?

  • Being able to deliver quality content again and again.
  • You should have a proper plan and the will to execute it.
  • Managing time.
  • Reading and learning daily
  • Sitting in front of computer for long hours.

You can build a successful blog if you really care about the niche you blog about. If you are really interested in doing something and are willing to learn you will be able to do anything.

That takes me to my second lesson

Lesson 2-

Care about your audience

Don’t just assume that whatever the hell you will post your viewers will like it (Like i do J).

I posted a post that was so small, less detailed and so lost that now when i think about it i am like WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING??

Truly understand what your audience needs. Question yourself before hitting the publish button.

Is this going to help my audience in any way?

Will they learn something ?  get entertained ?

But don’t post a well detailed post about Best fertilizers for apples if your niche is fashion.

Care about your audience !

Lesson 3-

Use  Marketing.

For my failed blog i did a little keyword research(from little i mean microscopic little). But completely ignored marketing especially social media. Don’t make the same mistake.

Social media for instance is a huge opportunity to gain traffic. Billions of people us it EVERYDAY. Don’t just assume that you will gain enough traffic from Google.  The competition is intense.

In your social media strategy i suggest choosing one platform first.

For example if you choose twitter

  • Provide social share buttons (tweet or like)on your blog
  • Completely fill your Twitter bio
  • Share quality content and your posts.
  • Use hashtags to attract people.
  • Ask your friends to follow
  • And the biggest tip is follow others

The last tip is one of the most important. People won’t just follow you unless you are already very popular(a celebrity for example).

So follow them first. Using hashtags of your niche find people from your niche and follow them. Follow a hundred of them daily. People will follow you back. After sometime its upto you if you want to unfollow those who don’t follow you back.

I have found that out of hundred 30 will follow you back. Not too bad right?

You can learn more about social media marketing on blogs like Shout Me Loud or Quick Sprout.

Lesson 4-

Use Long tail keywords

You can write a great post about a common topic. However chances are  that It will never be able to outrank an authority site posting about the same topic.

So what to do?

Long tail keywords to the rescue!

Lets understand this with an example.

Lets say you are writing a post about earphones. It has a huge search density.

But similarly the competition is also high.

In scenario like this you might not be able to generate good traffic. This is where you use long tail keywords. Lets say instead of earphone keyword, you use a much longer keyword with less completion and less search density.

For example- cheap earphones in India, affordable black  earphones  , buy great earphones online etc etc

You get the idea right?

The less the completion the more are your chance of getting traffic.

Lesson 5-

Don’t Ignore Guest Post-

Yes guest posting is an old technique for link building. But with guest posts you not only get a backlink that will bring some traffic but it actually helps you make a brand. People will be able to know who you are and will accept you as an expert in your niche.

Also the backlink will improve your ranking in the eyes of  The Mighty Google.

Write down names of blogs in categories – small, medium sized and big blogs.The best way to find the blogs open for guest posting is to search

“your keyword” + guest post

“your keyword”+ submit a guest post

“Your  Keyword” +write for us


Tech write for us

Also there are blogs who make lists of blogs available for blogging like this one on tech niche.

After writing the blogs names go through them and select the blogs you want to guest post.

Don’t just choose big ones choose from every category.

Now read their guest post guidelines carefully and send them an email with your pitch.

Big blogs always post quality stuff .You have be creative and  become great at content creation(even better than posts on your blog)

Lesson 6-

Don’t have unrealistic goals

So you wrote a post and hit publish. And you didn’t receive hundreds of visitors as you hoped. I used to have these types of hopes.

Having huge unrealistic goals will make you question yourself.

Is it worth my time?

I wrote such an awesome post why is everyone not reading it?

Make sure you know how many visitors are good for a blog at different stages. Learn and understand. You can’t expect to receive thousands of visitors on a new blog’s post.

Set realistic goals.

Lesson 7-

Don’t Give up

Maybe the most important lesson.

If you aren’t able to generate hundreds of followers on twitter, thousands of visitors on your blog it doesn’t mean you have failed. It only means you haven’t quite reached there. It takes hard work and persistence to achieve your dreams.

Life won’t give you the things you need served in a gold plate .You must work for it and have patience.

If it was so easy everyone would have become successful.

Conclusion :

I am no expert in blogging . I am a learner. There are still many lessons that i have to learn but i wanted to share them with you because i know you don’t want to make mistakes.

I want you to make your blog a success and never give up on your dreams.

Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit. ~Conrad Hilton

Thank you for reading  and don’t forget to share if you gained something form this.


6 thoughts on “7 Lessons from a failed blog

  1. Thanks for sharing. Other than the SEO benefits of using long tail keywords (lower competition) also helps to reduce your bounce rate. Because long tail keywords describes your post better and in more details. Hence it will drive more relevant traffic to your blog


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